Who Do You Want To Impact?

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We have an ability to affect the world in ways we sometimes don’t dare to think possible.

Building businesses or sending a loving text to your significant other. Everything we do, every action, and even every thought affect us and those around us.

What type of legacy are you leaving behind?

Is your focus scattered? Are you constantly acting/feeling angry, frustrated, feeling like there is something more out there for you? Are you spending your days sedating yourself with alcohol, TV, drugs, or other masks to cover the lack of purpose, direction or drive in your life?

We are all put on this earth to live our destiny and to CREATE. I believe when we are in Power, and not Victims of our thoughts, roadblocks, emotions, stories… we walk, live, work, love with Purpose.

It is so easy to fall into the darkness of Lack. But if you think about it, the Dark is a great place to be if we want to find the Light. The concept of darkness can only exist parallel to the concept of light. The existence of one, depends on the other.

Don’t think of your darkness and lack of purpose as a curse. The darkness is a gift, the perfect place to find the light, the mission inside of you and your purpose. The why of you being here.

A mission that perhaps could be more than just yourself. A mission of leaving a true impact in others, your loved ones, your community, your clients, the world. The finding of significance by giving ourselves and our abilities to create, to improve and to impact our lives and the lives of those around us.

Who do you want to impact? Who do you want to teach? And in what ways do you want to leave your mark in the world? 🌎