Time, Intention, Under Pressure.

Time. Intention. Under pressure. If you are not where you want to be, that’s ok. You are in an ideal position to start stepping towards your goal. Even if it takes you 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 years.

Don't make the mistake of comparing yourself with others who seem to be in a better situation than yours. Those who are ahead of you have gone through their own challenges. Some might have gotten lucky. Some might have worked their asses off. Whatever the case, it doesn't really make a difference for you or your results right now. Stop focusing on what others are doing and spend that time and energy focusing on what YOU are getting done.

It is healthy to look up to others for motivation. But don't fall on the cruel trap of comparison.

You don’t know the 100% truth of the person you are comparing yourself with or their process. This is how comparison works: you are presenting side by side, the best you know of others and the worst you know about yourself. That is not true, not productive, not loving. So stop it.

We are equipped to overcome our challenges and reach the next state of fulfillment and productivity in our lives. This expansion is a result of being ALL IN in life (business and personal). This growth is the consequence of HIGH LEVELS of commitment to push forward every single day no matter what's on the way.

You are not in a race to pass anyone or to reach anyone, other than yourself. Visualize who you want to become and just hunt down that person every day. HUNT. This person is not an illusion. This version of you is buried underneath your fears, your pain, your stories. This version of you is ready to come out... waiting for you to #DoTheWork!