Restore Your Thoughts


Your thoughts create your emotions.
Your emotions create the fire.
The fire creates the action.
The action creates the results.

This is how it works:

  • If I believe that “I don’t deserve wealth” or that “I am not good enough to achieve what I want”.

  • That will trigger emotions of blame and frustration.

  • The emotions will trigger a fire inside of me.

  • This fire comes out of me through my actions.

    What sort of actions do you think I would take if I act from a place of blame and frustration?

    Exactly. My actions would probably be destructive. I would self-sabotage and setback my results. I might want wealth to create security for myself and my family and to create opportunities and jobs for those around me. If I believe I don’t deserve this, I might achieve wealth and then lose it, or never achieve it at all because those beliefs are controlling me. .

    Those beliefs are not serving me but draining me. Stopping me from achieving my dreams just because of whatever stories I have in my head from the past or childhood.

    Once you identify yourself sabotaging your own results ask yourself, what are my beliefs about this specific situation? Identify that belief and start doing the work to change it. Study, read, investigate, go to therapy, learn NLP. Whatever you have to do. Help yourself and fill your mind with beliefs that would serve your purpose and that would add and not subtract from your life.