As Soon As You Are Clear On Your Goal, Take Action


As soon as you are clear on your goal take action.

Motivation is not enough.

Getting pumped up is not enough.

Feeling decisive about the future is not enough.

Writing down revelations is not enough.

Visualization is not enough.

Having a plan is not enough.

All of these are a great start.

But results will only come when you take action.

Sometimes we have the right amount of motivation, the right revelations, the right intention... the right everything...

But then...

We move on to something else.

And that motivation, those revelations, that time and energy... are wasted.


As soon as you are clear on a specific goal...

Give yourself 24 hours to complete a specific action that will move you towards that goal.

It doesn’t matter if it is a small action.

What matters is that you move towards that goal.

Define a way to measure that this small action, this ONE THING is completed.

And all this motivation... will be channeled...

Will have been used to create...

To build the life that you truly desire.

You have to start somewhere.

Start small if you have to and keep setting small actions daily from there.

Keep yourself accountable.

Don’t get ONLY motivated.

Give yourself 24 hours, take action on that ONE THING and #dothework 💯🎯