What If 2 Books Could Change Your Company Forever?


I am not the brightest, the most talented, the best looking, the quickest learner, the genius, nor the most creative.

But I can read a book, get an idea from it, and keep going after it... until I manifest something great.

When I joined EO we had a lot going for us, and had so much I just didn’t know about how to make a company work.

How to get things to truly run well.

Then I came across some books that truly changed me.

The Books that I recommend as truly Foundational books for Every Entrepreneur and are must-read bibles for scaling your company:

1. Mastering the Rockefeller Habits by Verne Harnish

2. Scaling Up by Verne Harnish

Verne, is the founder of Entrepreneurs Organization, and student of the game at the highest level.

Thousands of companies around the world seek his advice.

His books condense years of knowledge into the simplest form of the game.

Take the time to truly study them.

Get Your Team to Read Them.

Highlight, take notes, and determine what you want to apply out of these books.

It will cost you time, energy and money, but the results will transform your life and company forever.