The Daily Battle is Real in My Life

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The Daily Battle is Real in My Life.

I have unlimited demands hitting me and the need to stay on top of it all becomes all encompassing.

It’s easy for me to start neglecting my body.

Neglecting my walks in the Am or at Night.

Neglecting myself by going for the quick meal or snack, where I end up eating food that my body is intolerant to or I have food allergies to.

Then the weight packs on.

I start sleeping less.

More caffeine, more energy drinks.

I’ll start slipping on supplements and veggie drinks in the Am.

And then... BAMM 💥 🔥😟

My Body Crashes

If I don’t do the basics every day no Matter where I am.

I can easily go for the ice cream and not the veggies...

The caffeine... and lack of sleep instead of sleep.

And push and push all in the name of progress.

Or I can choose to do the work required.

I have not done this well in the last year again.

I know more than most what to do for my body.

I grew up around the most brilliant dad who was a Chiropractor, Clinical Nutritionist, and Board Eligible Internal Medicinist and Neurologist.

Where in your life do you KNOW what to do and need to start DOING now?

Mine this week is commit to sleep!!!