My List of Failures is Endless

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True story👇🤯

The cleaning solution 409 is called that because it took its creators that many times to come up with the perfect formula.

It took them not 10.

Not 50.

Not 100.

But 409 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!

This cleaning solution by Clorox is now one of America’s most trusted household cleaners

My list of failures is also endless.

I have failed.

Over and over.

In all areas of life.

You name it and I have probably failed.

Business, relationships, getting my diet dialed in, sticking to meditation, establishing a workout routine...

The things I excel at today are the things I have failed at the most.

And some areas I still don’t excel at even after all the failures.

My success is not correlated to how perfect I am but how much I have grown from my starting point.

The amount of failure I go through is a reflection of my commitment.

Not to be perfect.

Not to be immediately successful

Not to have or pretend to have all the right answers

But my commitment to becoming my next better version.

Every single day.

And yes.

There are failures that have caused shame, pain, heartbreak. 💯

There are things I wish I knew when I was 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40.

But where would I be today without those experiences from the past?

Painful failures have taught me resilience and to stay committed to my vision.

It is through hardship that perseverance is born.

The question is:

How are you going to turn the fire that is now burning you into the fire that pushes you forward? 🔥

How are you going to use the pain from failure as a tool to create massive change in your life and the all the lives around you?