They Are Going To Think You Are Crazy

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They are going to think you are crazy.

This is the crappy reality of chasing a vision that others cannot see.

Sometimes, the people that love us are not going to understand us best.

Unless someone has gone down a similar path themselves, all they can see is the mountain ahead that you have to climb.

They love you, so they will try to protect you from what they perceive will turn into pain and failure.

They may try to advise you to stay within the frame that they can control and anticipate.

Of what they perceive as Secure and Stable.

At the same time...

You may be lit up by this fire inside you that just pushes you to seek...

That tells you that there IS more... that you can build greater things, experience more, impact more.

It’s in the moment that you find this wall of resistance...

That there is a decision you must make.

What do you do when your friends and family don’t support your vision?

Move forward even if you are not supported.




You’ve got to cut out the noise.

It’s part of the process.