Do Things Everyday That Put You In Power

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In business, the way you put yourself in power is by:

1. Developing yourself and cutting your own bs
2. cultivating your mind, learning/applying

What information are you committed to learning and sharing?

What book are you committed to reading and applying?

Then rereading and reapplying over and over until you master it?

How many hours a day are you committed to excelling in an area you lack knowledge in?

I am not a natural marketer, but can guarantee you this.

I will put in the daily discipline to learn/study/apply over and over again until I am able to lead a team of people on this subject.

What do you need to master and learn every day so that you can apply it to your life, to others’ lives, to your business?

The commitment to grow and to learn will put you in a position of power.

You will be able to walk into a room and say:

I’m open and committed to growing myself.

I’m open and committed to creating this next chapter in my life.

I’m opening committed to impacting lives and leaving a legacy.

What will your next chapter be

What are you open and committed to?