Do You Want To Have A Life Of Quality?

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Here’s some gold for you.

If you want to improve the quality of your life, work on mastering these 3 things:


You experience discomfort and unhappiness when you try to resist change.

When you are resisting change, what you are really fighting against are the feelings associated with this change.

Fear of chaos, instabilty, separation, loneliness, lack.

The more we resist... the more we avoid, deny, withdraw from the situation we are trying to avoid...

The louder this fear will become.

The more pain it will cause.

Learn how to love, forgive and accept the parts of you that are feeling the emotions you are trying to avoid.


Are you judgmental/quick to label others?

Here’s a tip for you:

Shift the focus on yourself.

When you point at someone... 3 fingers are pointing right back at you.

What is that you are judging in others saying about you?

If you get highly triggered about a team member being inconsistent and you label them as useless and unreliable.

When in your life are you being inconsistent, useless and unreliable?

What can you do to address this problem in your life?


Attachment is not equal to love.

Attachment is based on need.

Need is a symptom of lack.

Love on the other hand is abundance.

When we are attached we are not experiencing freedom and independence.

Our lives get moved around by this need/attachment.

Learn where this lack and need is coming from and begin working on liberating yourself from your illusion of separation.

Mastering these 3 things is a life learning process.

It’s scary and sometimes painful.

But this process will bring congruency to your decisions... allowing you to build a life in alignment with your personal truth and purpose.