In Your Business, What Is Non Negotiable?

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What are the non-negotiables in each area of your life?





Learning how to IDENTIFY and HONOR boundaries is crucial to build self trust.

When you abandon your own truth

when you allow in your life certain conduct/behaviors when you truly don’t want to...

you are dishonoring your boundaries.

Feeling guilty when saying no

Going against your own values to please

Allowing others to disrupt you to accommodate their immediate wants

Not defining and communicating your truth in your personal relationships

Are all examples of poorly defined or dishonored personal boundaries

YOU are the ONLY one who can define your own boundaries.

No one else can have full access to your feelings/thoughts/library of experiences.

If you struggle when you ask yourself:

What are the non-negotiables in my personal and business life?

Go through the following questions and be very specific with your answers...

What do I truly want?

What do I don’t want?

Am I shutting down what I truly want, letting others define how to feel or what to think?

Is there a congruency between what I say and what I do?

Am I scared of communicating my feelings/needs/wants to others... afraid of punishment/shame/judgment/isolation?

Getting clear on your boundaries will help you asses if your actions are in alignment with your personal truth.

The more you understand and honor your boundaries...

the more congruency you will feel when making important decisions,

the more fulfilling the relationships you build around you will be

The more power to create and manifest a reality that IS in alignment with what you truly want. 👊🏻💥