Your Biggest Business Issue Is With You

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So you want to talk about money?

You want to talk about wealth?

⚠️ WARNING: This is a reality check.

Where are you at with your finances?

How much money do you have in your checking account?

How much do you have in your savings?

If you need to write a check, what is the largest check you can write this second?

If it’s not what you want, there needs to be some major changes.

Your biggest business issue is not with the company.

t’s not with the customers.

It’s not the sales.

It’s not the government.

It’s not the taxes.

It’s not your significant other.

It’s not your kids.

It’s with YOU.

YOU have to get real, raw, and relevant on where you are with your finances.

What is the vehicle you are actually using to produce what you need?

My company did not start getting shaped and formed until I started getting shaped and formed.

So get clear on where you are right now.

Picture in your mind where you want to see yourself in 12 months.

Get crystal clear.

And as you do that, you are working on that vision muscle.

This is a principle that many of us tend to overlook.

When you have a clear vision, you are more likely to want to bust your ass to get there.

It’s what gives you the energy to say, “I must accomplish this.”

“I’m going to keep pushing through until I reach this.”

So I ask, are you and your people super elitely clear?

You have some work to do

But you already know that.