Every Time You Think "I Can't Do It Anymore"

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What’s the point of all this motivation when things don’t go our way?

When our wants are being overlooked by the universe?

When our dreams are shattered?

When we break apart with people we love?

When we cannot get the sales, don’t attract the right team, don’t have anyone who believe in our ideas

When our heart, our innocence, our hope are broken?

You may ask...

Why me?

Why is this happening to me right now?

Why do I have to experience this pain?

This feeling of being buried alive.

It’s hard to see what awaits for us in the other side of pain when we are blindfolded by hopelessness.

Just know that you have what it takes to keep moving forward.

You are being lovingly guided.

You are being protected.

You are being loved unconditionally.

You will grow stronger from this pain.

You will turn into a better version of yourself that you never imagined possible.

The fact that you cannot see it doesn’t mean that it’s not happening.

When you remodel a house...

You have to break things apart...

Throw walls

Replace pipes


Find new furniture

It’s a process.

Sometimes we have to break...

Because when we are broken we are not resisting

And when we are not resisting we are open to listen and to allow




Trust that you will be guided

And you will live even when you thought you had already died inside

You will rebuild your walls, your bricks, your house...

And where you saw ruins... there will be structure

And you will understand that all of that chaos happened for a reason

That even though you couldn’t see

There was a vision and you were being taken to a deeper and higher level of fulfillment

The type of fulfillment that comes with expansion

With experience

With learned lessons

You are not being demolished

You are being remodeled.

#TrustTheProcess 🙏🏻💙