Every Stage Of Your Life Requires a New You

As life gets more and more complex scheduling your time becomes a crucial tool for survival.

Scheduling is not only a matter of organization.

Scheduling will give you the freedom to allocate time to what’s truly important to you.

It will liberate you from the trap of non-important non urgent activities you are getting stuck on...

It will call attention to and shift any habits that are currently draining power from you.

Start by defining your tasks, timelines, and priorities.

Then get super clear on what can get done in a 7-day timeframe to push each of these goals forward.

Think of the 24 hours of each day.... from the time you wake up, to the time you go to sleep, and everything in between.

Reserve blocks of time for certain things you want to make sure you spend your time on.... time with your family, going to the gym, meditating, reading a book...

As well as responsibilities, appointments, work hours, errands, driving time...

This process will create the clarity that moves all areas of your life forward.

Then next week ask yourself:
How can I add more?
How can I do more?
How can I be more?
How can I achieve more?
How can I impact more?

And course correct.

Repeat week after week.

What are you going to schedule in each area of your life - your body, being, balance and business?

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