"Rebelistic" - Private Film Screening

Speaking at my friend Hennings film launch. To help inspire the next generation to live an amazing life !

When I was 16 years old I went to one school program... where one guy shared his travels around the world and the business he built that inspired the heck out of me with what might be possible for my life !!!

We all need that inspiration... we all need someone to guide us. It doesn’t matter if we are in our 60’s, 40’s or 20’s... there is always a place for expansion and learning. Unfortunately, this generation is at a higher risk of suffering and choosing a self destructive way because they don’t have the tools, guidance and experience that come with the years of growth and learning some of us get exposed to.

I encourage you to pour into someone else today regardless of their age or how much you think you aren’t worthy. There is someone out there that needs YOU!!!!! Reach out, open yourself to the possibilities and teach what you know to that person who is in the dark.

Experience your true potential, the absolute impact of you being on this earth by helping others to rise.