Where Are You Not Being Real?

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In what areas of your life are you lying to yourself?

What old cassette do you keep playing in your head over and over?

What are the lies that you are creating to avoid taking responsibility?

To avoid crazy pain. To avoid the discomfort of facing the TRUTH inside of your heart.

What lies are you saying about your body?

What stories are you creating regarding your connection with yourself and your spirituality?

What is the fiction script you keep playing out in your relationships over and over?

What are the BS excuses you are using to justify your poor results in your business and bank account?

What LIES are you allowing to stay in your life?

How much percentage of your time are you living in FICTION/FANTASY LAND????

The more stories you create, the more lies you tell yourself... the further away you are from getting the results you truly want.

If you choose to look straight into reality, prepare yourself for the pain you are about to endure.

Experience the discomfort now to begin living a life in power, a life where TRUTH rules your life as soon as possible.

Call BS on whatever is not true.

Whatever is not true will take you on paths that are not truthful to you and your heart, therefore not aligned with your purpose.

Whatever is not true needs to go because it’s anchoring you down when you are trying to move forward.

Next time you are feeling angry/upset/frustrated/shameful/hurt/sad/aggravated ask yourself

👉🏻 What are the facts? 💯

Quit the lying. #dothework