If You Want Results Quit Making Excuses

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Quit reasoning why you are not where you want to be.

Quit enabling yourself.

Quit justifying your lack of results.

Sometimes we outsmart ourselves and we waste all this energy and time rationalizing the why of our poor performance.

Anything that becomes acceptable becomes inevitable.

The weather, the car, your past, the government, your boss, your employees...

Just quit it.

Quit the BS and ask yourself:

1) Where do I want to go?

2) What is getting in my way?

3) How can I overcome the obstacle?

4) What ONE action can I take in the next 24-48 hrs to address the problem.

5) How will I know I accomplished this ONE action?

With this train of thought, there is no space for settling, for allowing exterior forces to define your reality.

Quit your reasons.

Focus on results.