Step Up or Sit With The Pain

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The choice to see things as a curse.

Or the choice to see things as a blessing.

The choice to keep repeating the same actions over and over.

Or the choice to make a shift and break the pattern.

The choice of allowing the same thoughts, being taken over by the same emotions.

Or the choice of growth instead of conformity.

We have a choice.

Our beliefs and emotions are dimensions that we can learn to understand... that we can learn to shift... that we can learn to CHOOSE... so they can serve us and not drain us.

The gift is in the shift.

The shift from PAIN to GRATITUDE.

The mind that sees the opportunity to go on an adventure underneath an umbrella instead of complaining about a rainy day.

The choice of different POSSIBILITIES.

The ability to understand that we have the freedom to decide the perspective... the lenses WE want to see the world through.

Are you already looking for the GIFT?

Or are you in need of a massive SHIFT?

You have the POWER to choose your beliefs, not the other way around.

Your beliefs birth your emotions.

Your emotions birth your actions.

Your actions are the precursors of your results.

The question is: Are you living in power or are your negative thoughts and emotions taking you over?