Take Responsibility, Quit Wishing

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Wishing alone won’t give you results.

Setting an intention and creating alignment between this intention and your actions will.

You can wish to get a new home,

You can wish to find the man/woman of your dreams,

You can wish to make more money,

You can wish to lose weight,

You can wish to be in better health.

Wishing means - “it would be nice to have X”.

An intention means - “I am determined to have X”.

What are YOU going to do to buy a new home in 2019?

What are YOU going to do to be the woman/man that attracts the type of woman/man of your dreams?

What are YOU going to do to make more money?

What are YOU going to do to be in better shape?

What are YOU going to do to help your health improve?

Take responsibility for the situation you are in now.

Take responsibility for the direction your life could take if you were to make a decision to commit.

Once you start owning your results you will be in power to start modifying your actions.

Don’t just wish, DO!!