Christmas Fireside Chat - Goal Setting Tools

Looking back at 2017...

Around this time of the year...

You had many resolutions in mind for 2018.

Incredible goals that would have accelerated your life in massive ways.

How many of these ideas did you actually accomplish this year?

This week’s Fireside Chat episode has been created specifically to support you crush your goals in 2019. 💯

Our guests... Torrian Scott, Bob Donnell, Ty Cannon and Chris Tooker dive deep into listening to the voice of purpose, creating habits, intentionally surrounding yourself with those who hold you accountable and how to push forward every single day.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from incredibly dynamic individuals...

And to finally accomplish what you have been saying you need to accomplish to move everything forward in massive ways.

CLICK HERE to watch Fireside Chat - Holidays Special! 🎁🎄