No One Is Going To Give You What You Want

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If you say things like...

“I hope my life will change”

“I hope my dreams will come true”

You are stripping yourself from living your life in incredible power.

By saying these things you are saying...

“If my life changes or not, it’s not up to me.”

“If my dreams become true or not, it’s not up to me.”

If you believe this... it will show up in your life over and over.

Our words carry a vibration.

You will not attract, you will not manifest what you want if you keep telling yourself that indeed “it’s not up to you to experience what you want.”

If you want your reality to change, you must change yourself first.

Your current beliefs, thoughts, actions have taking you this far.

New beliefs, new thoughts, new actions must be implemented to start attracting and manifesting a different reality.