Frame Your World By The Words Of Your Mouth

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“I am not good enough”
“Life always gets in my way”
“I have never been the smart type”
“When things are going good... something has to always ruin it”
“Love is not for me”
“I am too much. Too emotional. Too fired up. Too shy. Too loud.”
“I have always been lazy.”
“I will never be on time.”

How many times a day/week do you tell any of these things to yourself???

Think of someone you love. Someone who brings to your heart true and noble feelings of innocence, joy and happiness. Your kids, your parents, your significant other, your brothers or sisters, a colleague, a friend...

Would you say the things that you say to yourself to this person?

Beware of what you are telling yourself.

Watch the words that you say, the words you use and how you use them frame your reality.

Random events out of our control can happen in life but you are responsible for the perspective you choose to see and experience your life from.

Shift your perspective. Create affirmative frames that will manifest the vision that you truly want for yourself, not the ones based on fear, pain and lack.

Reaffirm love and respect to yourself. Reclaim ownership of your life, your mind and your words.

“I can learn anything.”
“I am responsible for my life.”
“I am responsible for my happiness.”
“I have the power to manifest and create what’s in my mind/words/actions.”

Once you understand your power to manifest, there is no point on feeling like a victim of life.

You will now become the only writer and protagonist of your own story. 📝

Make it an awesome one! 👊🏻🔥💯