Are You Really Changing? Or Are You Just Going 360?

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You may think you will change if you change everything around you

You can move to another city.

You can leave your relationship.

You can find new friends.

You can switch careers.

All these adjustments can be positive, especially if any of these areas of your life were toxic for you in any way.

The problem is that... Even though you made these changes, you might realize that you still have the same problems, feel the same way, attract the same type of partners, friends, employees...

You can change everything about your life in radical ways, but your results won't change if you don't change the only CONSTANT in this equation


Just because you modified some aspect of your life you may now think... “now it’s finally going to be different...”

The truth is... It doesn’t matter how much you change every external factor if you are still the same person inside.

With all these changes you are actually doing a 360 degrees turn.

Moving... but landing back to the same place.

Yes... and that’s what most of us do and I have done over and over again.

The question is what will it finally take for us to change OURSELVES?

To change our beliefs... our ways, our habits, or language...

To look inwards, instead of outwards?

To hold responsibility and move closer to our goals and our greatest vision?