What Is The Story That Is Showing Up In Your Life?

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We start DRIFTING when we ignore the voice connected to our higher purpose and start acting guided by the voice of our INNER CRITIC instead.

The voice that creates all our made-up FANTASY/FICTIONAL STORIES and that repeats beliefs we integrated in our early days of consciousness such as: “I am not good enough”, “When I make a mistake, I don’t deserve love”, “I am a failure.”

Beliefs that supported the way we understood reality in the moment we created them during childhood.

The result is a bunch of adults walking around with an adult body but beliefs that were created from a child’s perspective of the world.

A world in which the child needed to be protected, nurtured and taken care of by other adults. A child who experienced anxiety or fear when his/her emotional or physical needs were not met.

A child that was tagged as inadequate, too loud, too shy, too unfocused, too clumsy, too dreamy.

A child who was told disempowering statements about reality.

A kid that is trying to make sense of the world without a developed understanding of society, relationships, language or self awareness required to arrive to accurate conclusions.

Just imagine driving your current life ONLY listening to the perspective of a 4-6 year old.

This is what you are doing when you don’t QUESTION your BELIEFS/STORIES

If the belief is: “WHEN I DON’T DO SOMETHING RIGHT, I AM NOT WORTHY OF LOVE”, you will subconsciously start taking actions to support this belief. When you fail, you will withdraw love from yourself or you will attract people that treat you as if you were not worthy of love.

Stop the DRIFT by QUESTIONING your thoughts and the why behind your actions, especially when you get emotionally triggered.

You will manifest what you think/believe. Keep yourself accountable.