How Are You Going To Overcome Your Excuses?

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It is said that Insanity is Repeating the same Actions over and over while expecting Different Results. We might know that something is Not Working in our lives, but we keep acting as if KNOWING IT was enough to create Change.

We hang onto our EXCUSES. We Commit to our Reasons. We cheat on our RESULTS.

When you Commit to Your Results is When True Change starts to Occur. When You are Committed to Your Results is when you are ALL IN.

To be ALL IN means to be Willing to get over Yourself. It means to realize that something is not working and to be willing to go through the pain. The Pain that comes with Change and Expansion.

The Golden Moment, between Realization and Results, comes with a DECISION and Starts with Taking Action.

The Moment you realize that something is Not Working, from that second on, there is a Decision to be Made. The decision is… "are you going to stay there? Expecting that things will magically change? that one day the world may align with your wishes and you will be where you want to be?"

Or are You going to Choose to Rise and Create the Results you Want around You?