When You Fail Ask Yourself: What Is The Lesson?

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Ask yourself, what is the lesson that you needed to learn?

See, when we are younger we touch the hot stove, we burn our hands and pull them away.

We learn that we are no longer supposed to touch hot stoves.

It’s a major lesson.

We learn not to walk in front of cars. We learn to not stick our fingers in wall outlets.

As we become adults, the major lessons are not so obvious anymore.

The major lessons that are really impacting our lives now, as we get older, are minor new ounces that we are learning everyday.

The everyday application of these minor new ounces is what will get us huge results in our lives.

It’s all about stacking these habits. Stacking these learned lessons.

And identifying the lesson that was meant to teach us something we needed to know to go to the next level.