What Are Some Major Mistakes Startups Should Avoid?

As an entrepreneur, you must be a seeker of knowledge.

Get in council with people experienced in an area you're trying to grow in. If you are not a genius or a guru in that specific area, find an expert early in the process. Such an investment could save you millions and significantly impact your company.

Even seemingly simple tasks like bookkeeping require detailed tracking. When done correctly, bookkeeping leads to accurate reports that enable informed decision making down the line. If we mess up something so simple, it will definitely haunt us down the line.

Sometimes we think we are smarter than we are. That’s why I believe that it's critical to surround yourself with expertise in an area of weakness.

Record the conversations, google the experts, download printouts. Whatever you need to do. Startups need guidance to grow.

It also helps to surround yourself with others who have accomplished what you wish to accomplish. They can provide priceless feedback and give you some direction.

Checkout Entrepreneurs Organization, Vistage, YPO, or CEO Coaching International.

Where do you need expertise or a guru to impact your company and the employees around you?

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