Why Are You Expecting Different Results?

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Ask yourself: Did I accomplish what I wanted to accomplish? And ONLY allow yourself to answer YES/NO.

Sometimes we sabotage ourselves with all this fluff. We outsmart ourselves with our little excuses. We have become masters at playing the game of manipulation of the truth. Masters of cheating ourselves.

We feel sorry for ourselves. We continue justifying, explaining the why of our poor results. We blame others. We blame the weather. We blame our past. We create grown up versions of “the dog ate my homework”. We are just negating and avoiding to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

Your reasons won’t give you the results you are seeking.

With these excuses you are not lying to your team, your family, your friends or your significant other… you are lying to yourself and stopping yourself from getting to the next level of you. Beat whatever block is stopping you from producing the results you want to see in your life. Confront the excuses and ELIMINATE them from your repertoire. Erase the "BECAUSE" from your vocabulary UNLESS you are going to take action to change whatever comes after it.