Are You Choosing Where to Invest Your Time?

I struggle with this everyday and that’s why it’s so important to emphasize it.

If you want an eye opening experience, start tracking where your time goes. 2h spent in Netflix a night means 14h a week, 56h a month is a part time job. With that you can start building a side business, you can start creating your dream and doing those things that you don’t do because “you don’t have time”.

Or even driving, if you drive for 1 Hour a day 7 Hours a week, you can download a few books on Audible and 28 Hours of Learning occur a month. That’s almost 4 Books a Month!!!!! Drive Time University!!!! Is one of the easiest ways to self educate.

Looking at the time you invest in different areas of your life as a long term investment plan will drastically change how you see yourself and the possibilities that can occur in your life. The possibilities are huge if you decide to put your time and focus on what you want your life to look like in 3-5 years. You have the time, you just have to invest it well Daily!!!!!