Suicide Prevention Campaign - Social Media

Social media is not an evil tool. But it is a two-faced one since it is not a representation of reality a 100% of the time.

Teenagers and kids, who are in a critical stage of self-discovery, can be very sensitive and unaware of the lack of realism in what is apparent reality. They can make of social media a learning experience of what the world looks like or should look like.

Let’s bring awareness to the younger population. Let’s teach them about true humanity, about the dimensions of the mind, the heart, and the soul. Not only the superficial aspect of life that is shown through social media. Let’s teach our children that most of social media celebrities are people who suffer too, who are human and feel depressed, unloved, alone, criticized, scared.

Let’s humanize our approach to these social media platform and take responsibility. Our individual actions or lack of are part of a bigger picture that will affect our future generations. Let's teach our kids to identify reality from fiction. And of course, let's teach them the voice of self-love and compassion, so they don't hold themselves accountable to unrealistic standards.