Don't Repeat The Pain Of The Past

Learn from the past, but don’t stay dwelling in it once you have learned the lessons you needed to learn. We all have pain, traumas, beliefs that are holding us back. Do the work to create awareness and once you do, once you have processed and integrated whatever roadblock was in your way, whatever story you were telling yourself, start moving forward.

Introspection and self-awareness are critical to our growth, but to build a new version of you, you must start changing your actions, so they are now in alignment with your beliefs. When I talk about the possibilities of the future, I am talking about tapping into our power of creation. I am talking about that moment in which we quit seeing ourselves as the victims of all these things that happened to us or that were happening to us until this moment in time and we start taking responsibility and actively shifting our beliefs and actions to create a change in our reality.