Only You Can Push Yourself Forward

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Today I want to talk about the concept of responsibility. Only you have the responsibility to move “you” in this path we call life. You make your choices on how you let things affect you, you make your choices on how you want to see the world and you make the choices on what beliefs stay in your mind to serve you and which need to go.

Choices. Choices. Choices. You make them.

Only you can decide where you go, when you go, how you go, who you go with. This is a huge responsibility because we are used to blaming our parents, society, teachers, friends, partners, for everything around us.

Think about it, if our business didn’t work is because so and so didn’t believe in me, if my marriage failed is because my partner was so entitled, if I am not in shape is because my family never taught me about nutrition, if I am broke is because of the ambiance I grew up in, if I smoke is because my friend gave me a cigarette when I was 12.

All of these… are stories. Stories you are telling yourself to cover the inability to take responsibility. If you are broke, if you are fat, if your marriage didn’t work, if your business is falling under the ground, start by taking responsibility. Once you do, once you own these things and stop putting them on someone else or somewhere else, then you will have a shot of changing your reality. But if you are constantly disowning your results you are just living in a fantasy world and relying on fictional stories to make yourself feel better.

It is going to suck. It is going to hurt to see where in all these things YOU have to take responsibility. Notice, responsibility, not blame. Blame doesn’t take us anywhere. It is a closed end with no other escape than harm to ourselves and no changes in results. On the other hand, taking responsability and understanding our thoughts, beliefs and fictional stories about whatever is happening in our lives, will open up a ton of possibilities.

Dare to own your reality and open up yourself to the possibilities that lay ahead of you.