For Constant Growth a CEO Must Workout

This video is just a piece of my Live Show on Facebook that we have called The Fireside Chats.

This is a piece I did with Tai. He trains me on what I call “old man karate”. Tai is in crazy shape and he has trained with 10s of Thousands of people over 40 years!!! He is a master in so many disciplines it’s incredible and he is such a calm soul to be around.

I have come a long way. I used to be almost 300 pounds, I had blown my neck out C3-C5 all had bulging discs, and was in very bad shape, eating junk food, and completely neglecting my body.

While I am nowhere near the vision I have for myself, everyday I move forward towards that direction. When you have a company, work crazy hours or have so many projects going on to grow yourself, your family and still meet your own needs, it’s hard to stay consistent.

But something I have learned that has completely transformed the way I schedule and organize my life is that to be functional and have a clear mind, have meaningful relationships and have a growing business you have to cater to your body first.

I have been dedicated to study and surround myself with health experts like Tai. I am still learning but I have applied for my life what I call “bio-hacks”: everyday, I do a veggie drink in the morning and I try to do some sort of workout. Also, I do body work 6 hrs a week because I lost flexibility from a car accident when I was a kid, and overall avoid gluten, dairy, and eggs because of food allergies.

I am not perfect and sometimes prioritize other things over my health, but I see the results changing immediately. I find myself feeling tired, exasperated or just unfocused. I have learned to understand that your body is your weapon to achieve more, be more and do more, not an obstacle.

What habit could you implement in your life to move your health and fitness to the next level?