Control Your Wellness To Produce Massive Results

This is a clip from a conversation I had with Glen Depke. Who is an absolute genius in health and nutrition!!!!

At 37 I was almost 300 pounds and completely burnt out. One doctor diagnosed me with Addison’s. Glen came into my life to teach me how to heal my Adrenals.

I had pushed my body beyond its limits for decades. Trying to build something that I thought was important yet wasn’t taking care of my health on a daily basis like I knew i should.

In business schools or in entrepreneurs conferences we always talk about sales, finances, accounting, marketing, strategies, performance management…. But we never talk about the concept of health inside of the business world.

Guess what? If you are feeling tired, lethargic, you got brain fog, or you can’t sleep at nights… this is going to take off from your performance at work. How do you plan to produce these big ass results LONG TERM if you are slowly killing yourself with the excuse that you don’t have time to eat clean, you don’t have time to workout, you don’t have time to rehab your muscles, you don’t have time to rest.

This is a bullshit story that I was telling myself for years until I was neglecting my body so much that it came back at me and literally STOPPED me from being able to even show up at work.

I could barely get out of bed. I blew my low back out every few months and was doing meetings laying in the floor it hurt so bad. I had 3 bulging discs in my neck and had to be in physical therapy for months. My head hurt, it hurt to move. I was inflamed, had been eating like crap since I got out of college, my hormones were out of whack, I was stressed out and about to collapse until my body literally did me a favor and collapsed for me.

Who would make better decisions regarding money, sales, marketing, finances… etc? The version of you who is tired, depressed, inflamed, living of just coffee, sugar, and fast foods? Or the version of you that has a clear head, that is energized, that is hydrated @boosthydration and that is in optimal physical health.

For many of us it is a struggle to tackle this area of our lives. We feel more comfortable in other areas and choose to just ignore it like it will just go away. But it doesn’t. Our body is our vehicle. Our body can be that car that breaks down in the middle of the road at night with no cell service around, or it can be a war tank getting into the field of all this stress to just conquer whatever is put in front of it. 

Make it a point to build healthy habits. 

  • Workout Daily. Move Daily.

  • Quit processed food and drinks full of sugar, caffeine, artificial ingredients.

  • Get a food allergy test and plan your diet accordingly.

  • Introduce fresh foods to your diet.

  • Rehab your body.

  • Decompress - Meditation is a great tool.

    Don’t murder your body. Weaponize Your Body Daily!