Take The Opportunity. Leave A Legacy.

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Legacy. I love this concept. I think this is my purpose and what drives me in life.

When I think of legacy, I think of the impact I can make in this world. The idea of helping others to grow, to improve themselves, to thrive in this life with joy and productive energy... that's what legacy means to me.

Money, lifestyle and prosperity are great gifts that come with producing at high levels. Cannot do anything else but being grateful for all those gifts. But nothing compares to changing the lives of those around you. Nothing compares to bringing value into this world, making it a better place to be.

Entrepreneurship was for me a bold stand for myself and for those around me. It was me saying: “I am going to do it my way”. And I did it. I created a company in which we give out books, learning tools, take people to self-development events. I want my company to be a place committed to education. I want to see my teams grow and improve. I want to see their families grow and improve from their achievements, personal and professional. 

This is why I was created, to create around me. To pour love into people in the only way I know, by helping them grow, by holding them accountable and by seeing in them what they are not able to see yet and guide them towards that vision.

Legacy is also in your family, your relationships, your children, your friends. Legacy is everything that will be left once you are gone. The lives you touched. Legacy is finding that purpose outside of you, greater than only yourself. Legacy is generosity, legacy is responsibility. Legacy is belonging to this space and understanding your role as a part of a whole and bigger picture.

Think about legacy.

What is the legacy that you are leaving in this world?