Is There Enough Pain Where You Are At?

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Our human body and mind are built to avoid pain. We resist pain and numb ourselves with TV, Food, Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes…

We especially reject and try to silence what we consider our negative emotions and continue, sedated, sleepwalking through the years. Sedation is just another way of avoidance.

We have become masters at avoiding our problems. Avoiding the pain that will come from conflict or collision. We are afraid of having real conversations, of recognizing our feelings of lack, incompetence or loneliness.

Often avoidance and resistance come when you believe you lack the ability to change your reality. And the truth is that owning the responsibility for your reality is the only way in which we can have a life fulfilled with joy. Resistance only parhides the problem. It’s like trying to cover a open heart surgery with a bandage.

The truth is that the more we avoid it, the more pain it will cause inside of us. The more problems showing up in all areas of our lives. The more we experience what is causing us pain initially, almost in a cycle, over and over again until we learn the lesson.

Learn how to recognize pain, learn how to integrate it in your life, learn how to understand the lesson that it is trying to teach you. Anytime you feel pain, frustration, anger, sadness, loneliness, allow yourself to feel what you are feeling and dive deep until you find the lesson that is hidden behind it.

Pain is just our own mechanism to stop avoiding the problem, start taking action and above all, take responsibility for our lives and get from it the results and joy that we know we can have.