Living In The Illusion Of Productivity?

Just because you are BUSY.

Just because you are TIRED.

Just because you checked off half of the tasks from your TO-DO list.

It doesn’t mean you are being productive.

We love living in the ILLUSION of productivity.

The question is not HOW MANY TASKS you got done.

The question is not HOW MANY HOURS you spent.

The question is...

Is THAT thing you are doing moving you MASSIVELY forward?

We can do a lot of activities and not get results.

We can spend years doing crap and not get results.

It’s time to asses:

What are you doing that is actually giving you results in your life and business?

You choose what IS and what IS NOT a priority.

Priorities = the activities that will give you the most results.

Operate accordingly by investing your time into what actually matters.

If you want to produce results calendar out your daily activities 4 weeks in advance.

Assign a time and day to what is a priority for you in all areas of life: your body, your mind/spirituality, your relationships and your business.

Consciously choose where your time is going.

No guessing.

Map out a plan.


Get results. 💯👊🏻💥