You Choose The Urgency And Importance Of Any Activity

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Every day we get hit by all these things that require our attention... 🤯

People, e-mails, phone calls, meetings, family, house errands, responsibilities...

We have to decide many times throughout the day which task should we handle first?

Which of these tasks should get the most of my energy?

Where should I put my focus on?

Some of these activities will push you forward massively to accomplish immediate targets.

Others will drain power from you and drag down your results if chosen as priorities.

Classify your daily tasks into the following 4 quadrants:

1. Important, urgent

2. Important, not urgent

3. Not important, urgent

4. Not important, not urgent

From this list, choose to do THAT ONE THING that if done today will push your day and week forward.

The one thing that will move you closer to your daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly goal. 🎯

Remember that YOU choose the urgency and importance of any activity.

It is not the responsibility of anyone else but YOU to make this choice.

Own your time.

Own your focus.

Own responsibility for your results.

Set your priorities straight and #dothework👊🏻🔥